The intestine governs the immune system

Intestine and Immune System

The intestine governs the immune system

venerdì 12 novembre 2021

We discuss eubiosis, microbiome, microbiota, viroma and much more with Dr. Enrico Minchella, specialist in allergology and immunology.

The eubiosis is the relationship that the intestine, but also the skin, the respiratory system, the oral cavity, the gynecological system of women and then the reproductive system have with everything that surrounds the human being in terms of life and microorganisms.

We define with Dr. Minchella, the meaning of:

  1. Microbiome;
  2. Microbiota;
  3. Viroma.

Viruses and bacteria are usually considered harmful, but this is not true for most of them. They have been very important in relation to the evolution of humans.

We have asked to Dc.Minchella these these 4 questions:

  1. Is it possible to regulate the presence of "good" viruses in the intestine?
  2. What are the disease related to the human viroma?
  3. How can you rebalance the quantity and quality of viruses and bacteria in the intestine?
  4. What are the consequences of the countless injections of RNA and DNA that we are subjected to by viruses every day?

Viruses and bacteria act on the human organism by updating our genetic code, increasing the ability to adapt to changes and this way allowing humanity to evolve.


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The intestine governs the immune system

We are colonized by billions of microorganisms that regulate our most important functions. And the intestine is the center of these operations. We talk about it with a great expert: Dr Enrico Minchella, specialist in allergology and immunology.

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